Generative Design: The Future?

Generative design is emerging as the next advance after BIM. But how will it reshape architecture?

Zaha Hadid Architects’s Klenoviy Station

Zaha Hadid Architects has won a competition to build the Klenovuy Bulvar 2 Metro Station in Moscow

Bridge to Change: Brooklyn Bridge Forest Project

Wood has the potential for action far beyond the project at hand, as the Brooklyn Bridge Forest project shows

Breaking ground: Architectural projects

We look at some of the projects that  have begun construction in the last few months

Rethinking the neighbourhood

The coronavirus pandemic is transforming population dynamics, but how could this impact architecture?

The Origami-Inspired Lunar Habitat

Saga Space Architects are putting a living habitat designed for the surface of the Moon to the test

Taking Prefab to new heights

The world’s tallest prefabricated and prefinished construction is being built in Singapore

Architecture Enhanced by Technology

Advances in technology are touching numerous aspects of the architecture world

Can Architecture Kick its Concrete Habit?

Concrete has laid the foundations for the modern world, but its carbon cost is a huge burden

Moreland Gardens: Social Housing Scheme

Morland Gardens: a social housing scheme that will provide more than just affordable housing

Designing for healthcare

The Covid-19 pandemic is likely to have transformed architecture forever, particularly in healthcare

Striking concepts: Architectural projects

New architectural projects are being unveiled that inject fresh ideas in response to the pandemic

Smart by design: Materials and more

Some of the materials, fixtures and fittings that are bringing technology to the build environment