Breaking Ground: Key Projects

We look at some of the notable projects across the world to break ground in the past few months

Can Planning Solve Britain’s Housing Crisis?

Despite government targets, the UK’s housing shortage shows no signs of letting up. Is planning the answer?

UNStudio's Plan for a Smart Neighbourhood

According to architects UNStudio, Brainport Smart District is “unlike anything we have designed before”

Incorporating drones into building design

Aerial drones are seeing growing adoption in a host of industries, and now architecture is taking notice

Architecture for the housing crisis

The shortage of housing is a problem not only in the UK but in many of the world’s major cities

An interview with Pricegore’s Dingle Price

Pricegore on their bold design for the 2019 Dulwich Pavilion and the importance of site-sensitive architecture

Can Architecture Produce Another Bauhaus?

Could a new architectural language come to dominate the 21st centry in the same way the German design group has?

Foreshadowing Bauhaus: The Fagus Factory

Designed by Walter Gropius in 1911, the Fagus Factory is considered a key example of early modern architecture 

The Innovation Funding Gap

British architecture is leading the way in innovative design, but many are not taking advantage of the financial benefits

Workplace Steampunk: gpad's London office

Redeveloping a former Victorian gramophone factory into a modern office is a fairly unusual challenge

Focusing on Embodied Energy

With climate change becoming an ever more pressing problem, every industry has a responsibility to take action

The Heat-Trapping Material of the Future

A new form of transparent wood that is capable of storing or releasing heat could prove invaluable in future projects

The Rise of Green Technology in Construction

Advances in green technology are making the uses of environmentally sound materials ever-more possible

The Architectural Projects Unveiled This Month

Here we look at some of the most notable new projects to be unveiled in the last few months

New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

There are always new materials, fixtures and fittings coming onto the market. Here we present our recent picks