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Centre Point landmark 

Images credit: Pell Frischmann / Centre Point landmark London

London, United Kingdom

Centre Point is an icon in the heart of London. Built in the 1960s, it was one of the first skyscrapers in London.

Engineered by Pell Frischmann, the building received a large-scale transformation, converting the former office into 21,000 m2 of luxury residential units and 7,500 m2 of prime retail space.

Pell Frischmann considered the following challenges:

  • A new piled raft design to limit ground pressure on the new Elisabeth tube tunnel.
  • Removal of two entire floors of the annex building to enable double height retail spaces around the new square while the apartments above the works were inhabited.
  • Façade retention at level 33 and 34 of the tower to replace the existing plant area floors with new shallow PT floors, increasing headroom to the new apartments.

Solving the challenges with SCIA Engineer

Pell Frischmann incorporated SCIA Engineer, the structural design and analysis tool, to solve the engineering challenges. As the project was a refurbishment, there was no need to model the whole building and create unneeded data. SCIA Engineer enabled the engineering office to create local analysis models and transfer the data, speeding the design and time efficiency.

“SCIA Engineer’s great modelling tools and multi-material capability allowed us to work simultaneously on separate isolated elements and combine the parts together when required to create a more complete model. At the same time, it was easy to extract elements from larger models and develop them into a more detailed design. This great flexibility meant that we could quickly tailor the modelling to the need at hand.” - Juliano Chapon, Pell Frischmann

AstraZeneca’s global R&D centre

Images credit: Building Design

Partnership / AstraZeneca’s global R&D centre Cambridge

Cambridge, United Kingdom

Building Design Partnership were responsible for the design of a new research and development laboratory and office for AstraZeneca, in collaboration with Herzog & de Meuron architects. The building consisted of a 5-storey concrete framed structure, with a steel roof. The lowest 2 levels were situated in a basement, whilst the upper 2 storeys incorporated large cantilevers to the external envelope of the building, and around an internal courtyard.

SCIA Engineer was used on virtually every aspect of the project. To speed up analysis, the building was split into 2 models. One model consisted of the concrete frame and the other formed the roof. These models were initially created by importing a Revit model into SCIA Engineer. From this, the engineering office were able to analyse virtually everything on the structure.

SCIA Engineer was proved particularly valuable for the following areas:

  • Monitoring long term and short-term vertical slab edge deflections.
  • Monitoring vertical and horizontal deflections at the roof-facade interface.
  • Establishing movement joint requirements across the slab by considering the impact of thermal load cases.
  • Value engineering - Working out upstand beam requirements for the slabs and member reduction for the roof.
  • Accurately modelling the forces and stresses within the slab with an extremely irregular column array.

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