New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

With new materials, fixtures and fittings forever becoming available, it’s sometimes a challenge to keep up. Here we look at some of our favourites to be released in recent months

Mammut extractor hood

A unique and bold approach to kitchen fittings, the Mammut extractor hood is a highly flexible product from Minacciolo, which has debuted in the UK with the opening of London-based design concept store, RB12. Featuring a flexible arm with 360-degree rotation, the hood is equipped with LED lights to provide illumination to work surfaces. The hood is available as wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted and floor-mounted, and is also available in a smaller size for more compact schemes.

Aectual flooring

A striking approach to custom flooring solutions, Aectual 3D prints floors to the exact specification of each client, using a robot to create a custom framework before infilling the surface with terrazzo. As a result, designers have a vast selection of customisation options, making this an excellent solution for statement flooring in retail and hospitality settings. Aectual is a spin-off company from DUS Architects, the practice behind Amsterdam’s planned 3D printed canal house.

Viceroy cistern

The first close-coupled WC from classic British bathroom fittings company Thomas Crapper, the Viceroy cistern is designed to be space saving while retaining the company’s staunchly traditional design sensibilities. Available in polished aluminium, powder-coated red, white or British racing green, the WC has been launched alongside the distinctly patriotic Resolute basin – which comes complete with a soap recess in the shape of the Union flag – and the freestanding Hesketh bath.

Tripp-Mini pendant

Unveiled earlier this year at IDS Toronto, Pelle’s Tripp-Mini pendant is part of a line of highly geometric lighting solutions from the New York-based design brand. The pendant’s rust finish fits well with the wider trend of distressed metals in fixtures and fittings, with the triangular shape directing the way light is cast from the fixture.

Lineadeko wall covering

The result of a collaboration between Inkiostro Bianco and Listone Giordano, Lineadeko is a collection of wooden vertical wall coverings designed specifically with bathrooms in mind. The collection builds on the previous laser-engraved parquet flooring developed by the company, producing a graphic aesthetic through colour digital printing and laser engraving. The range will be formerly unveiled at Milan Design Week.