New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

There are always new materials, fixtures and fittings being released. Here we highlight some of our favourites from the last few months

Grafton Globe Pendant Light

A handmade light fixture from Fritz Flyer Lighting, the Grafton Globe Pendant Light is a striking option for commercial and residential projects looking to create a moody, atmospheric feel. Featuring a vintage aesthetic that makes it ideal for restoration projects, the light is inspired by clockwork and Orrery models of the solar system. It is available in five different glass types and four metal finishes, including bronze, nickel and brass, allowing it to be configured to suit different schemes.

Tectonic Accessories Collection

Inspired by the movement and interaction of tectonic plates and designed by Rogerseller, the Tectonic Accessories Collection includes towel rails, shelves and hooks for use in bathroom settings. With a linear design across the collection, each product is designed to be positioned in relative to each other in a host of configurations, to provide a divergent yet harmonious overall feel. The range is available in five different finishes, including matte black, graphite and brushed gold.

Raku Tokyo Tiles

Developed by Claybrook Studio, the Raku Tokyo tiles are inspired by Japanese ceramic processes to produce a distinctive glaze finish. This provides texture and depth to the tiles’ appearance, making them a striking feature in bathroom, kitchen and hospitality environments. The brick tiles are available in several other jewel tones, including the mottled cream Yono, duck egg blue Kyoto, denim Yokohoma and white Sapporo.

Roo Yellow Double Switch

Part of a collection of bold switches from Katy Paty’s Roo Nitcor line for Swtch, the Roo Yellow Double Switch features a round backplate for a quirky yet polished aesethetic. Manufactured in porcelain, the range is created in Bohemia and uses a special porcelain dying process to ensure vivid colours. Other colours in the range include blue, mint and red, and the selection also includes sockets, toggle switches and rotary switches.

Semaphore Enterprise Tiles

Described as “unapologetically modern” by its creators Claybrook Studio, the Semaphore Enterprise Tiles are part of a selection inspired by flags used on ships. The tiles, which are made from porcelain, are designed for use in kitchens, bathrooms, bars and restaurants. They are also available in several other more muted hues, including the grey Semaphore Victory, moss Semaphore Hunley and blue Semaphore Bounty.