In 2010 the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland erupted and Iceland became increasingly isolated. But the eruption turned out to have great promotional value for Iceland. The years after the eruption, the amount of visitors rapidly increased up to almost 5 million passengers per year in 2015 through the Keflavik Airport. The original Airport terminal opened in 1986 with 23’000 m2 and has expanded in size several times. Now it’s expanding again with a 4’700 m2 modern bus gate terminal, which will service passengers to and from the aircraft by remote stands. 

Materials and color schemes are inspired by Icelandic nature, black terrazzo floors, smoked oak, and glass walls in Icelandic autumn colors. The bus gate terminal building consists of a steel frame, prefabricated concrete floor with a glass facade, featuring SEFAR® Architecture VISION. This woven Aluminum coated and Copper printed fabric is laminated into the exterior glass facade, acting as a sunscreen and having a positive effect on the indoor climate. This provides improved thermal performance, reduces glare and adds a unique depth in the texture of the facade. It also reduces heat loading and light transmission, potentially saving the building owners capital expenses in relation to heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.