Historic hotels

Revamping protecting structures into hotels that blend old-world charm with modern amenities is a delicate process


data protection

Technology is transforming the hotel industry, but with it, comes the challenge of protecting guest information from cyber-criminals


the new social 

Hoteliers are reimagining shared spaces into exciting social hubs to entice local audiences as well as paying guests  


enter the pod

A no-thrills guest experience has garnered interest as a budget-friendly alternative to luxury and boutique hotels


a true cliffhanger

Hayri Atak has unveiled designs for a boutique hotel built into the side of of Norway‘s Preikestolen cliff


25 hours in italy

The 25hours Hotel Company will make its Italian debut in 2020 with a 173-room hotel in Florence 


Inside the H C Andersen Hotel

Danish architecture firm BIG has designed a whimsical plant-covered hotel for the Tivoli Gardens amusement park in Copenhagen


a galaxy far, far away

Disney has announced a new out-of-this-world guest experience that transports visitors into the Star Wars universe