The hotel of the future

The world has changed significantly since Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in 1919. Now, to celebrate its centenary, the hotel chain is looking forward with a futuristic look at what hospitality could look like in the year 2119. We take a look at Hilton’s vision of the future. 

Intergalactic design

As humans push the limits of intergalactic travel, guests in 2119 may have access to previously unattainable locations. To suit these otherworldly environments, Hilton’s report foresees the use of hotel structures that adapt, evolve and mirror their surroundings.

Sustainability will be embedded into each and every corner of these new hotel designs, from weather-proofed domes to structures comprised of ocean-dredged plastics.

Hyper personalisation

Hyper personalisa-tion

An implantable microchip embedded under the skin may not be everyone’s accessory of choice, but according to Hilton’s expert insiders, in one hundred years humans will be linked to each other and the environment through these tiny devices.

These chips will beam individual data insights to the hotel, and as a guest moves through the building each area will morph into that guest’s ideal, personalised space.

Gastronomic adventures

On table menus are a thing of the past in Hilton’s vision of the future hotel. Instead, chefs will create personalised meals for each guest using biometric information sourced from embedded guest chips to determine their food preferences and national requirements.

Diets will be predominantly plant-based, lab grown meat, 3D-printed meat alternatives and insect farms offering a sustainable protein source for guests. And with the possibility of space expansion in the coming century, guests could even be dining on a completely new range of crops that have been farmed on the surfaces of yet-unexplored planets.

The future of fitness

Advanced immersive technology will allow guests to personalise their fitness programmes to suit their tastes or indulge in a variety of unusual physical activities, such as climbing a digital replica of Mount Everest, setting out on a 10k virtual jungle trek, or racing against a hologram sea turtle in a 100m swim.

As guests move from hotel to hotel, their personal workout data will travel with them, so that they can resume their workout wherever and whenever they stay. The addition of holographic trainers means that guests are not limited by location or equipment, and can enjoy a satisfactory workout no matter where they choose to stay.

The human touch

While technology plays a significant role in this futuristic concept, humans will still be a crucial part of the hotel experience. As machines perform day-to-day tasks, designated human ‘Hilton hosts’ will have more free time to focus on ensuring that guests have an enjoyable and memorable stay.

As futurologist Gerd Leonhard states: “In 2119 we will still be searching for unique experiences, but they will be more personalised than ever. As technology shapes our lives we will seek out moments of offline connection with others, including hotel team members who will help us truly get what we need from our stays.”

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All images courtesy of Hilton