Innovation in Windows and Doors

Often a less notable part of design, engineering advances are enabling a host of possibilities when it comes to windows and doors. We look at some of the innovations driving trends in this space

There is a growing trend for projects that blend the interior and exterior space, and full-height pivot windows, such as this product from Sky-Frame, allow this to become a reality, while aiding natural ventilation. Image courtesy of Sky-Frame

Doors don’t have to be a bold structure punctuating a room. Some manufacturers, such as Linvisible, are producing doors that are designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding wall, maintaining design clarity. Image courtesy of Linvisible

Frames are also not always desired on windows, with a host of companies now providing minimal frame windows, such as this product from panoramah!, which allows from dramatic vistas of the surrounding landscape. Image courtesy of Vipp

Increasingly sophisticated hardware is also creating more possibilities for doors with a minimalistic finish, such as these sliding wooden doors from Barausse. Image courtesy of Barausse. 

Skylights have long provided natural illumination to attic and loft spaces, but some, such as this product from FAKRO, also can be opened to form a balcony. Image courtesy of FAKRO 

Pivot technology is also creating opportunities to use doors are dividers to a space, such as this product from PortaPivot. Image courtesy of PortaPivot