Inside the Museum of Troy: Where Steel and Concrete Meet Archaeology

Located alongside a key archaeological site, the Museum of Troy uses modern materials to reference its unearthed exhibits. We take a look at the project

Clad in Corten, a weathering steel, to resemble an “excavated artefact”, the Museum of Troy in Turkey has been designed by architects Yalin Mimarlik.

While the building appears relatively compact, the outer structure is only part of the overall space. Below, it descends to a concrete-lined subterranean floor, accessed via a ramp. 

The structure features indented niches to house smaller artefacts, while the overall area provides 2,000 square metres of exhibition space alongside a café, restaurant, retail areas and conservation laboratories. 

 "Museum of Troy is honouring this heritage and is a medium to tell the rich history of Troy in relation to its natural, cultural, artistic and archeological context," said Yalin Mimarlik.