New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

There are always new materials, fixtures and fittings being announced. In this issue, we take a look at some of our favourites being showcased at the Surface Design Show 

Hikari SQ

An ultra-thin LED light source developed by Lightly Technologies, Hikari SQ is designed to emit a uniform surface of CRI 90 light, offering low glare in the process. Featuring a minimalist design, it is suitable for a host of project types, and does not require any additional heat sink or optics to function. The light source is also dimmable.

Tessellate acoustic wall panel

Developed by Friends of Wilson, the Tessellate acoustic wall panel is designed for commercial interiors to provide both function and aesthetic appeal. The wall panels feature a modular design, allowing them to be customised to suit a variety of spaces, and are designed for rapid installation due to plastic grip fixings. The panels are made of recycled polyester fibres, and are available in 15 different colours.

Charred Accoya cladding

Distributed by James Lantham, this product provides a twist on the traditional Japanese practice of burning wood by applying it to modified wood Accoya. A sustainable wood offering a 50-year rot-free guarantee, this wood is ideal for projects where durability is key. However, the charring process introduces a unique aesthetic to the material, making it an ideal choice for projects where a bold appearance is desired.

Landscape Naturemoss

A striking take on the moss wall from Innerspace Chesire, Landscape combines multiple moss profiles to create a wallcovering with its own hills, plains and valleys. Designed as an alternative to a living wall, the surface provides a green aesthetic without the need for watering, sunlight or maintenance, making it ideal for projects where continual upkeep is not possible.

Feather wallpaper tile

Available from Tiles 4 Architects, this is a porcelain wall tile that is designed to resemble wallpaper, providing a hard-wearing feature wall. Suitable for home, office or commercial projects, each tile is 3.5mm thick and provides a matt finish to give the impression of wallpaper, but without the associated wear.