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New innovative solutions in wooden building components have allowed wood to enter into new construction end-uses traditionally dominated by concrete and steel. Massive wood elements open the way for taller wooden high-rise buildings than ever before.

Part of the bioeconomy, Stora Enso is a leading provider of renewable solutions in packaging, biomaterials, wooden constructions, and paper globally. Our materials are renewable, reusable, and recyclable, and form the building blocks for a range of innovative solutions that can help replace products based on fossil fuels and other non-renewable materials.

Stora Enso’s Wood Products division provides versatile wood-based solutions for building and housing. Our product range covers all areas of construction, including massive wood elements and wood components. We also offer sawn timber goods, biocomposites and pellets for sustainable heating.

Alupro, Suvela Chapel, copper.

About us

Alupro Ltd. is a Finnish company who has its roots in the 1960s and begun operation as a building products manufacturing company. Over the years, our operation has expanded to include aluminum facade, solar and various other grille type manufacturing. Specialization in this area led to the creation of Alupro Ltd in 2000. We offer turn key solutions to number of industries. A variety of architectural and technical solutions are available for implementation as part of a complete service portfolio which includes manufacture and supply of products along with professional and consulting services for our customers. We sell our products direct to customers and fulfill various kind of projects in Finland but also all over the world. Our location is convenient, 30 km to Helsinki port and 8 km to Helsinki airport.

Alupro, Savonlinna Library, custom-designed mesh façade.

Professional skills and knowledge

Alupro constantly invest in product development. We cooperate with our customers and a variety of major R & D partners, such as Business Finland and Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd, two state bodies responsible for enterprise development and standards approval. We design and deliver products that not only meet the current standards, but also anticipate future needs.

Our experienced, professional staff will be involved in your project from start to finish. We will help you find the right solution to meet your requirements, our own production in Tuusula manufactures standard but also custom-designed products. Very often, our products are integrated as part of customers standard solutions.

We have wide range of façade solutions: louver cladding, limi surfaces, architectural grilles and technical louvers. We use mainly 100% recyclable aluminum, the usability of aluminum speaks for itself. It is weatherproof, energy-efficient, requires no maintenance and it is long-lasting. We listen our customers’ wishes, manufacturing in desired shape, length, color and spacing. We can offer an extensive range of RAL colors from matt to glossy colors, from reflecting to anti-graffiti, or even to wood pattern surface. Powder coating provides an UV-protected, long-lasting surface. As coating on products can be also used anodized, grinding, polishing or patinate. Our products can be manufactured also of copper, brass, stainless steel and acid-proof steel. Acid-proof steel (316 L) we use for water droplet separators, assembled either on or inside the wall or between the ventilation duct. The material is also used for grates with ready-to-cast installation tray.

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We comply with the EN 1090 standard for steel and aluminum structures to ensure the highest quality. Certification covers the design, manufacture, surface treatment and assembly operations in accordance with the prescribed requirements of the standard. We also have ISO 9001:2015 quality certification and ISO 14001:2015 environment certification as granted for sales, design, manufacturing and installation of façade solutions, technical louvers and fall protection barriers.

Alupro Ltd.

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