With four large displays located at the corners of the stadium combined with two tiers of ribbon displays, every seat is a good seat at the new stadium. From stats to advertising to live action, fans are able to stay fully informed and completely engaged in the action as their team takes on rivals. The multi-purpose nature of the stadium lends itself to be perfectly suited for hosting concerts and other sports through the powerful control room features that allow operators to customise the show to meet the needs of each audience. 


As fans reach the East and West Atriums, they will be greeted with approximately 200 square meters of wall-covering display space with 4-millimeter line spacing. These displays will help brand the venue, engage fans and immerse them in the live event experience.


A wealth of LED displays will be visible across the campus to support fans in reaching their desired location from the moment they arrive outside the stadium until they reach their seat, including two large, 234-square-meter displays featuring 13HD pixel layouts mounted to the stadium façade to welcome fans as they arrive as well as 54 flag-style displays and 17 single totem-style displays.


With more than 62,000 seats, helping fans navigate the new stadium is essential to creating an enjoyable and safe environment. Daktronics provided Tottenham with more than 60 displays dedicated to wayfinding and helping fans navigate the new facility easily. 


From unique shopping experiences to VIP spaces to a high resolution display greeting fans as they enter the building, Tottenham’s new stadium has a fan first experience from the moment visitors step on-site. Fans will be empowered to be fully engaged and immersed in the moment as them move throughout the stadium and carry that energy into the stadium to help drive their team to a victory.


Creative displays dynamically engage travelers without disrupting sightlines. 

Maximize revenue by promoting on-site retailers, concessions and local events as travelers walk through the airport. Improve travelers’ experiences with eye-catching designs, creating a relaxed environment for them as they wait.

Provide everything from consolidated listings of flights in large public and baggage claim areas, to flight information, destination weather forecasts, advertising and much more. Intuitive control software and crystal clear clarity provided by Daktronics mean its displays easily integrate with existing airport networks to  display whatever is required.


Often retail spaces have lost space. You can convert these non-traditional spaces into revenue-generating assets or use them to create unique atmorpsheres that keep customers coming back time and time again. 

Welcome and engage visitors from the moment they set foot onto your property. Use digital canvases to direct traffic, set the ambience and create revenue-generating promotions.


Convert functional spaces into dynamic canvases. These non-traditional spaces can add immense value by creating engagement with customers to drive traffic and increase dwell time. 




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Tottenham is creating a new home with the vision of being one of the finest stadiums anywhere in the world for spectators, visitors and the wider community, delivering a major new landmark for Tottenham and London.

With a vision of creating a unique and immersive experience from the moment a fan or visitor steps foot on-site, the new Tottenham Stadium incorporates a bold design that integrates sensory and technology to instil an emotional experience that is unrivalled. In partnership with Daktronics, the new stadium incorporates LED signage to aid in wayfinding, create exceptional welcome spaces, unique retail environments, and breath-taking fan experiences.


LED technology can ease
travelers’ minds by making their visit
seamless. Reliable and rugged digital LED
displays guide travelers as they arrive,
depart and everything in between. Immerse
travelers in an unforgettable experience with
eye-catching digital display designs and
content, creating a relaxed environment.
Entice their interests with third-party
advertisements, all while putting more money
back into your pockets.


Cadillac Fairview (CF)
and Daktronics worked together on
a compilation of installations at seven
shopping centers across Canada. CF,
one of the largest owners, operators and
developers of best-in-class office, retail and
mixed-use properties in North America,
selected Daktronics to make their visual goals
for customer experience a reality over the
past year.

In total, 14 LED displays featuring line
spacings of 2.5, 4, 6 and 10 millimeters
were installed across seven locations for
approximately 3,300 square feet of active
digital space.