Early Collaboration Leading to Success in the LED Display Industry

Daktronics has worked on many successful projects that began with early collaboration between all parties involved. 

Daktronics is a world leader in audiovisual systems and implementation with offices around the globe. The company helps customers make an impact on their audiences with large-format LED video displays, message displays, scoreboards, digital billboards, audio systems and control systems in multiple applications. Founded in 1968 as a manufacturing company, Daktronics is a stable company that has been solving challenges for customers for more than 50 years.

The half-century of experience has bred many successful, iconic installation around the world. Specifically, the revamped Piccadilly Lights is a landmark installation that highlights the company’s abilities from collaboration to implementation.

Working closely with LandSec and Ocean Outdoor, Daktronics provided a massive, outward-curved LED display capable of true 4K video production. The project was years in the making as LandSec and Daktronics worked through the details of the new solution for the high profile, historical location. The display was custom engineered to precisely compliment the curvature of the existing architecture. Another crucial process included coordinating the transfer and installation of specific pieces of the display within the existing restrictions of the high-traffic area that limited access to traditional installation equipment.

The transformation has surpassed expectations and delivered a new standard that will continue to captivate visitors to London for years to come. It reestablishes Piccadilly Circus as a prime destination on the world stage.

Another example showcasing the importance of early collaboration includes Daktronics multi-display installation at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). At the time, LAX was a new architectural build looking to create a welcoming, engaging atmosphere. To make this architectural space memorable, the team wanted to incorporate special and unique characteristics to combine with meaningful human experiences.

Daktronics collaborated with the architects for the LAX project to ensure everything necessary for the large-screen display installation – everything from electrical power and structural support – was included in the designs to make the installation not only feasible, but successful. To give a sense of the coordination that was necessary, the following groups worked together for this project: MRA International for project direction, Sardi Design for media features, Smart Monkeys Inc. for technical consultation of systems design, Electrosonic for systems integration, Moment Factory for digital content production, and Digital Kitchen for supporting content production.

There were a lot of hands working together for this project and Daktronics team coordinated with all of them to ensure every detail was carefully considered before bringing this project to life. The coordination resulted in more than 9,500 square feet of digital display space throughout the airport terminal including an eight-display storyboard feature and a 72-foot-tall, four-sided digital solution surrounding an elevator shaft.

Every display was architecturally integrated with the building itself to transform the traveler experience in Los Angeles, California. Coordinating digital content to share thematic travel elements as well as to promote the LAX brand as the creative capital of the world.

The multi-display, integrated installation helps ease traveler’s minds by providing information to make their visit seamless while also providing them with an unforgettable experience. The eye-catching display designs combined with engaging content create a relaxed, memorable travel experience.

Early collaboration with Daktronics isn’t limited to advertising and public spaces. Live event centers such as stadiums and arena can also see significant benefits from bringing everyone to the table early. Most recently, Tottenham Hotspur took the plunge on creating a new home stadium using Daktronics technology. Their vision was to create one of the finest stadiums in the world as a landmark in London.

Coordinating with architects and construction teams, Daktronics was able to design and deliver a solution capable of immersing fans in the experience as the live action unfolds before their eyes. From the moment visitors step on site they are greeted with an unique experience born from a bold design that integrates technology with human senses to create an emotional connection with one’s surroundings.

Meeting the stadium’s unique challenges, Daktronics provided more than 60 displays dedicated to wayfinding in and around the stadium. Four large main video displays are located in the four corners of the arena to entertain fans during events while two tiers of ribbon displays along the seating fascia help immerse fans in the experience.

Involving Daktronics early in a project can lead to a fully-integrated LED display system that matches the architecture of any venue while helping transform any space into an engaging, immersive and memorable experience for visitors.

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