Striking Concepts: The Architectural Projects Unveiled This Month

The architecture world sees a myriad of concepts released each month, some of which go on to become the defining buildings of our age. Here we highlight some of the most striking concepts to be released in the last month

Olympia Exhibition Centre

London, UK

Architects: Heatherwick Studio, SPPARC architects

Designed to breathe new life into the historic but faded Olympia Exhibition Centre, the newly unveiled £700m redevelopment sees the venue diversified to include 55,000 square feet of co-working and studio space. It will also see the roof transformed with a glass dome, and the addition of a music venue, theatre and cinema. The centre will also include cafes, hotels and bars to reinvent it as a destination for the area. The designs will form the basis of a public exhibition ahead of a formal planning application this September.

Image courtesy of Ars Visualis

One Delisle

Toronto, Canada

Architects: Studio Gang, WZMH Architects

A mixed-use tower set in the Canadian metropolis, One Delisle combines retail and residential to provide a “new model for sustainable urban growth”. Seated on a rectilinear base, the tower features 16 sides, which spiral up the façade to provide a structure that is both climate-conscious and visually striking. “The geometry of the façade and the self-shading it provides allows each living space to stay cool in summer, while also optimizing winter light,” explained Jeanne Gang, founder of Studio Gang. “This gentle pitch frames indoor-outdoor connections on the balconies and terraces that spiral up the building in an organisation inspired by organic growth and form.” The building is currently undergoing public consultation.

Image courtesy of Studio Gang

Zhangjiang New District City Gate

Zhangjiang, China

Architects: UM Architects

Designed as the connecting structure between the in-progress Chinese city of Zhangjiang New District and the surrounding countryside, the City Gate development blends the natural and the urban. Set to begin construction in 2019, the 11,290 square meter development includes the main buildings, podiums and a partially covered public space. “The architects borrowed design language from the nature and transferred the forms of natural elements, such as mountains, rivers, and rocks into architectural expressions in an abstract way,” said UM of the design. “Through establishing a dialogue with natural surroundings, the design performs as a transitional space in-between intensive urban settlements and the nature.”

Image courtesy of UM Architects

Cartoon Museum

London, UK

Architects: Sam Jacob Studio

This design, which is set to be completed in early 2019, will provide a permanent home for Britain’s Cartoon Museum. Featuring bright colours and bold, wacky interior details, the design brilliantly reflects the museum’s subject matter. Covering a floor area of 400m2, the design includes an entrance space and staircase leading down to exhibition space and a shop. “The Cartoon Museum is a fantastic institution with an incredible collection and programme,” said Sam Jacob. “Our approach turns the graphic world of cartoons into a three-dimensional space full of humour and delight.”

Image courtesy of Sam Jacob Studio

New Pisa Stadium

Pisa, Italy

Architects: Iotti + Pavarani Architetti

Set to be constructed a mere 200m from the infamous Leaning Tower of Pisa, the New Pisa Stadium will be the home of football club A.C. Pisa. Set to be built on the site of the club’s former stadium, the geometric design is created to connect the traditional architecture of the area with contemporary aesthetics. The space will also include a ring of green space, and will house shops, cafes, restaurants and several other public facilities. The project is currently undergoing a feasibility study ahead of the start of construction.

Image courtesy of Iotti + Pavarani Architetti