Phillippe Starck’s Concept for Axiom: The World’s First Commercial Space Station

Starck's first industrial design company was named after a product from the works of famed sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick. Now his work is becoming science reality as he takes on his most out of this world design challenge yet: designing the habitation module interiors for the planned Axiom Space Station

Starck has specifically been contracted to design the crew quarters of the Axiom Space Station. The designs are meant to be both practical and comfortable for the world’s first space tourists. 

The designs are meant to evoke a nest, or egg, and contain materials and colours that are meant to make people feel foetal and comfortable. 

The walls are decorated with hundreds of nano-LEDs, which can change colour. The idea is to make the individual feel as though the space is a continuation of the universe as seen through the large windows. There are also brightly coloured handles and grips to help passengers move about the cabin. 

 “A space station is ruled by a fundamental law: zero gravity. Unlike terrestrial life constraints, life in space is a multi-directional freedom,” said Starck. “My vision is to create a comfortable egg, friendly, where walls are so soft and in harmony with the values of movements of the human body in zero gravity. This dematerialization shall be a first approach to infinity. The traveller should physically and mentally feel their action of floating in the universe.” 

The designs feature large windows to allow the visitors to view the Earth from above. Also visible in this image are the modular walls, which can be opened to reveal storage spaces.

Bags like these are stored in the walls of Starck’s egg, allowing visitors to stow their belongings away neatly without interrupting the design of the pod.