Breaking Ground: Key Projects

We look at some of the notable projects across the world to break ground in the past few months

Architecture's robot revolution

New projects suggest that automation may be heading for the  construction mainstream

Designing a Grass-to-Gate Robotic Dairy

Bannister Downs Dairy is the only planned grass-to-gate dairy in the world

Rising Stars: An Interview with EBBA’s Benni Allan

Benni Allan discusses his Spanish heritage and interest in open-ended architecture

The RIBA’s New Fire Safety Guidance

At the end of last year, the RIBA unveiled a draft of its Plan of Work for Fire Safety, in response to Grenfell

Introducing Spatial Timber Assemblies

A new robotic construction method developed by ETH Zurich is creating new possibilities for timber 

BIM and the IoT: The Grandest of All Designs

BIM has become widespread, but now a growing number of products are integrating IoT capabilities

From Furniture to Form: Alliance Theatre

The recently completed renovation of the Alliance Theatre draws inspiration from furniture design

Bauhaus: Thoughts from Architects

We unearth the thoughts of key architects about what the Bauhaus era meant for architecture

A Natural Future: Finland in 2070

How architecture and technology can respond to a world transformed by climate change

Construction Lessons from Mars

Designed for Mars, the MARSHA habitat could provide construction benefits far closer to home

The Architectural Projects Unveiled This Month

Here we look at some of the most notable new projects to be unveiled in the last few months

New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

There are always new materials, fixtures and fittings being announced. Here we present our recent picks