Carlo Ratti Turns Shipping Containers into a Tool Against the Coronavirus 

The Covid-19 pandemic has ramped up demand for intensive care units in Italy, one of the world’s worst-affected countries. Carlo Ratti, in collaboration with an international team of experts, has converted shipping containers into plug-in intensive-care pods to fight the virus

Known as Connected Units for Respiratory Ailments (CURA), the units are easily movable and can be interconnected with an inflatable structure.

Each pod contains all the medical equipment required to treat two Covid-19 intensive-care patients, including ventilators and intravenous fluids stands. 

The 20-foot containers are safe to use as an isolation ward and “some pods can be placed in proximity to a hospital to expand the ICU capacity, while others could be used to create self-standing field hospitals of varying sizes”.

The project is supported by the World Economic Forum. The first units are already under construction in Milan, Italy. 

“We see the project as a platform for bodies to reconnect and interact with each other – finally reuniting them.”

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Images courtesy of CURA | CRA-Carlo Ratti Associati with Italo Rota