Combatting the Urban Heat Island Effect

Architects are starting to incorporate design details into projects aimed at mitigating the urban heat island effect

Breaking Ground: Key Projects

We look at some of the notable projects across the world to break ground in the past few months

Designing sustainability after death

Plans are underway to build the US’ first facility for human composting. How is architecture supporting this vision?

Glass in environmentally friendly design

Glass has long been dominant, but its over-abundance has often been accompanied by higher energy demands

An Urban Manifesto for a Circular Society

Stefano Boeri Architetti’s Smart Forest City plan takes the concept of a green city to entirely new levels

3D Printing’s Commercial Potential

Signify recently launched a service to 3D print custom light shades and fittings on an industrial scale

Redefining IKEA for the Sustainability Era

IKEA has unveiled the design of its new store in Vienna, Austria, and it shows a dramatic departure from tradition

Growing Buildings from Bacteria

A research project at the University of Colorado Boulder is paving the way for self-healing, air-cleaning buildings

Cork: A Sustainable Alternative to Wood

Cork is increasingly emerging as a durable, environmentally friendly option for building projects

Vertical Farming for Neighbourhoods

Vertical farming is being touted as a sustainable solution to urban food supplies

The Architectural Projects Unveiled This Month

Here we look at some of the most notable new projects to be unveiled in the last few months

New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

There are always new materials, fixtures and fittings being announced. Here we present our recent picks