New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

There are always new materials, fixtures and fittings being released. Here we highlight some of our favourites from the last few months

The Stripe radiator

The Stripe radiator is a contemporary option for heating that also provides an unusual sustainable twist. It is part of the Livingstone collection from The Radiator Centre, all of which are made from reconstituted marble power, a waste product generated when marble is cut that is formed at low temperatures, and therefore produces low CO2 emissions. The Stripe is one of a wide range of vertical and horizontal styles, all of which feature a striking, contemporary aesthetic.

LayRed flooring

A new engineered vinyl flooring range from Moduleo, LayRed is available in 31 different wood and stone designed. Flooring range contains up to 50% recycled materials, and is also fully recyclable. It has a lifetime warranty, making it a strong choice for projects where durability is a concern, and includes an acoustic layer to provide effective sound dampening. The flooring also features an integrated underlay, and is suitable for laying on uneven subfloors.

Koivu kitchens

A bespoke kitchen maker using Finnish wood, Koivu makes all its kitchens from sustainably farmed birch wood. Offering a wide range of aesthetics from subtle minimalist styles to bold, attention-grabbing finishes, Koivu’s range is suitable for a host of different projects. Furthermore, the company claims to have the lowest volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions on the market, and regularly donates to the Woodland Trust to support tree replanting.

GROHE Blue Pure taps

A new release from GROHE, Blue Pure is a range of filtered water taps that is available in three styles: BauCurve, Eurosmart and Minta. The taps are designed to provide a more sustainable alternative to bottled water, as they can be used in areas where tap water is usually unsafe to drink to produce safe drinking water. The taps use activated carbon filter cartridges, which last for up to 3,000 litres, and are designed to be quick and easy to change, and also feature a second internal unfiltered waterway.

Ribbon light

Part of a collection from lighting brand Plumen and 3D printing specialist, the Ribbon light is 3D printed from recycled plastic. Designed to fit Plumen’s low-energy LED lightbulbs, the lampshades are made from recycled plastic bottles, fridges and other waste plastic. The shade itself is designed to mimic draped fabric, and is produced on-demand using a low-waste process. Other shades in the collection draw inspiration from art deco.