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Unika Vaev was founded in 1975, upon purchasing the name rights of a small textile mill in Denmark that was the chief supplier of our earliest textile collections. The name – a source of endless questioning – means “unique weave” in Danish.

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The quality of Unika Vaev’s textile products was apparent from the beginning, evident by their durability and richness of texture and color. Soon after its founding, Unika Vaev became an original source for Contract Textile needs. Its design legacy endures today.

Having recognized a growing need for acoustical remedies in the contemporary workplace, during 2013 Unika Vaev developed its initial collection of Decorative Acoustic Products. Over the past several years our acoustical collection has grown to include a broad array of products that provide absorptive, diffusive and attenuative solutions for wall, ceiling and floor applications. Our acoustic products are available with multiple surface finishes and use applications. We also provide custom acoustical product design services for those special needs our standard product line does not address.

Edge Tiles

Acoustical Collection

In an office, proper room acoustics is a key factor to work performance and employee well-being. In a classroom, acoustically impaired settings lead to decreased attention and reduced cognitive ability. In a restaurant or auditorium, acoustically uncomfortable spaces can spoil the best occasion. It is difficult to imagine any well-designed interior space used for communication and social interaction that does not take acoustic performance into account.

The Unika Vaev Acoustical Collection provides multiple functional and aesthetical acoustical ceiling, wall, floor and movable standing screen solutions that effect sound absorption, sound diffusion and sound isolation in a wide range of interior spaces.

Our purpose is to minimize noise distraction while maintaining the benefits that human interaction brings to work and social environments. In short, we wish you to “Hear Yourself Think”.

Acoustical Collection

Adam Goodrum biography

Adam Goodrum (b.1972) completed a degree in industrial design at the University of Technology, Sydney, in 1993 and won the Sydney Morning Herald Young Designer of the Year Award in 1997. Since returning to Australia, from over two years in London, he has established himself as one of the rising stars of Australian product design. Goodrum has an impressive folio of works, ranging from an innovative, mass-produced plastic peg, to complex high-end furniture. Most of the designs are developed to highly resolved, functioning prototypes.

Patryk Koca biography

Born in Poland in 1989, Patryk Koca grew up in Sydney, his passions lie in furniture and object product and automotive design, visual art and engineering. Patryk strives to find ways to incorporate in his designs the beauty of nature and the precision and intricacies of the machine world.

Adam Goodrum (R) and Patryk Koca (L)

Bond Street in NYC

Textile Collection

The Bond Street Collection inspired by traditional English Bespoke menswear tailoring. The fabrics in this collection include a mix of elegant worsted wool solids, plush luxurious classics, followed by complex lustrous multi-blends. Patterns from left to right in 2nd image above: Zoom, Agile, Genre, Handsome, Luxe Mohair & Origin - all part of the Bond Street Collection.

Bond Street Collection


A sculptured textile, Zoom, combines a technical textile construction with a sumptuous quilted appearance. The surface textile layer has a fine ribbed color effect interlaced in a regular formation with a cushioned wadding. The peaks and troughs of the undulating surface add shadow and form to a piece of furniture and the flexible nature of the fabric allows for a wide range of contemporary shaped furniture pieces to be upholstered easily. Zoom is available in a confident palette of 10 colors containing 5 classic neutrals and the 5 saturated key tones of Yellow, Red, Green, Electric and Aqua.


Combining filament yarns with a 2-tone dyed boucle creates a subtle color and weave effect in a glorified hopsack weave. Agile’s contrast of yarn textures provide surface interest and tactility, feeling soft to the hand and drawing the eye closer to the surface to study the relationship of thick and thin yarns. The collection of 16 color-ways offer versatile black + whites, greys and blues together with playful berry tones, deep teals and soft mango yellows reflecting trends towards natural mineral tones and deep rich hues.


Genre is a classic staple of the Instyle range providing a versatile, hard wearing upholstery and wallcovering textile. The natural linen-like appearance is achieved by combining specialty man-made yarns with a subtle slub effect ensuring high performance at an attractive price point. Genre is available in 14 color-ways.


Handsome combines the best classic woven structure of a fine worsted wool with a durable and beautiful contract application. Inspired by finely tailored men’s suiting, Handsome pays homage to traditional, old world wool manufacturing. Handsome’s lustrous sheen is achieved through time honored weaving and shearing methods. The result is a supple hand with a soft drape. Handsome is available in 8 color-ways.

Luxe Mohair

Woven with Angora goat wool, the resulting surface presents itself with a pleasing shimmer. This fine mohair will endure the most stringent contract application, while providing an elegant addition to any upholstered piece or as a drapery. Luxe Mohairis available in 18 understated color-ways which include rich pastels of teals and red tones and earthy tones and creamy neutrals.


Origin is rich nubby texture woven with a classic woolen boucle yarn providing a fabric with luxurious tactility. The contrasting yarn colors in each of the ten colorways, have been carefully selected to maximize the three-dimensional quality of the texture. The soft complex tones are gentle, providing warmth and life to this fabric.

Felt Rugs

Fraster’s collection of natural wool felt area rugs turns every floor in every space into a creative playground. The felt rug collection embraces endless shapes and sizes. You can choose among various standard designs that all can be tailored to the exact dimensions for your space. And if our standard designs do not match your needs, then create your own design based on 35 beautiful color-ways. Of course, we also produce rugs in a solid color. Felt rugs are firm and dimensionally stable. Wool felt is also naturally water repellent so just dab a spill away with a clean cloth. Wool felt rugs are not only stunning to look at and pleasant to walk on - they also are great for sound absorption, enabling improved acoustics to your space.

Felt is a completely homogeneous material that can be cut in any way without fraying. Precise cutting of felt provides clean edge detail thereby permitting designers to play with form. Design your own rug or start from our standard patterns and then select from 35, 5mm colors to find the felt rug that perfectly suits your interior design. Company logos can be embedded in the carpet and edge stitching assures dimensional stability. Stitching comes on the edges of all rugs. The colors of the stitching can be chosen based off of the Felt colors chosen. Slip-free backing can be applied to all rugs for secure safe installation. Single design rugs can add slip-free EVA backing.

Design your own felt rug

Flip through the Fraster Felt brochure

Designer information for the felt rug collection:

Trine Neve is the head of design and partner. When she meets an architect or designer she always brings a 4” x 4” wool felt sample with her. Each time she sees the same reaction. “As soon as you give the felt sample to the designer, they become a bit absent and completely drawn into the touch of the felt. The felt inspires them and they have lots of ideas on how to use it in their own projects. The felt gives you a very tactile experience – it’s such a comfortable material, and it really makes you want to work with it,” she says.

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