About ABB

ABB is a pioneering technology leader operating in more than 100 countries with about 147,000 employees. ABB specializes in power grids, electrification products, industrial automation and robotics and motion, serving customers in utilities, industry and transport & infrastructure globally.

ABB’s engineering heritage is based on continuous innovation to help customers become more productive and efficient, for over 130 years. Today, ABB is writing the future of industrial digitalization with two clear value propositions: bringing electricity from any power plant to any plug and automating industries from natural resources to finished products.

As title partner of Formula E, the fully electric international FIA motorsport class, ABB is pushing the boundaries of e-mobility to contribute to a sustainable future.

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A warm welcome

In today’s world the hospitality industry is ever evolving and so are its guests. Hotel operators are increasingly focused on reducing their energy consumption and enhancing the customer experience for discerning guests, who expect to tailor their own environment.

First impressions count and guests not only judge their experience on how the comfortable the bed is but how personalized their stay is. And thanks to the KNX standard, of which ABB products are proven, everything which uses energy can be controlled precisely, automated in a complex way and consistently checked. The KNX technology covers the complete spectrum of applications: from lighting and blind control to heating, ventilation, air conditioning, energy management, security and surveillance; and offers its users uncompromised comfort and flexibility. Nowadays, guests expect to select their own preferences and enter into the same bespoke environment each time they frequent the property.

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Building Space Hotel

Smarter Buildings in Hospitality

With ABB’s portfolio of Building Automation solutions, it allows you to intelligently network your building - providing increased levels of comfort, flexibility, safety and energy savings. Energy efficiency has become a top priority for the hospitality industry as hotels are high-energy consumers and have to cope with the new rules for energy efficiency in buildings. Guests are looking for maximum benefits and the best possible experience, whereas the management want everything to run smoothly and the investors focus on the income.

Building Automation by ABB is governed by its core values and meet the highest requirements in terms of technology, management and the end user. These values are: Easy and convenient usage, Economic efficiency, safety, Energy efficiency, Durability, Design and Sustainability; all of which play an important part in creating the perfect hotel.

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Building Space Hotel

Providing a complete service

From the foundation right up to the roof of the building, ABB fully network the technology inside, providing a seamless and integrated environment. The journey starts with low voltage distribution by ABB’s switchgear and transformer solutions, as well as the intelligent drives controlling the ventilators, compressors and pump motors. All current electric vehicle charging is provided for quick and efficient operation. With the pro E energy system, energy is distributed and protected. And it is managed in such a way that in the event of power failure, services will be resumed instantly and with the least disruption possible. Common area lighting is managed efficiently with presence detectors. Guest room management systems that control entertainment preferences, lighting, blinds and climate are fully integrated in the hotel rooms, as well as key card access and guest services.

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ABB’s Hospitality solutions

Door communication

ABB-Welcome creates the highest level of safety and flexibility for accessing a property; with transponder cards for guests that give comprehensive access control and fingerprint modules for personnel. Several cameras can be integrated into the system to give additional security. This gives an overview of the hotel occupancy, including both guests and staff, to a central location.

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Door entry system

Guest room management

Perfection begins from the moment you enter the room and insert the card into the reader. The integrated bell switch indicates if the guest does not wish to be disturbed. The room’s control centre: everything has a place in the compact housing of the new Mistral 65 range, from automatic circuit breakers, residual current devices and surge protection devices right through to controls and media distribution devices.

With the ABB-tacteo® or Busch-SmartTouch® on the wall, you have maximum control over all functions. Dim the lighting, regulate the room temperature and shading, switch entire light scenes with the touch of a finger, read your e-mails, call up traffic or weather information directly and, of course, select your chosen music on the radio and adjust the sound. The highest level of functionality contained within an elegant design.

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Maximum safety

It’s more than just a feeling. Safety is a constant requirement: all functions must be guaranteed at all times so that investors and the management can be sure of having a profitable property without any malfunctions. Hotel guests enjoy their stay and don’t notice the technical expertise in the background and are certain to be left in peace, even in the event of a power failure and the need for emergency lighting. The ABB i-bus® KNX brings everything together. By integrating all applications, the result is stability for everyone. The outdoor Busch-Watchdog movement detectors react sensitively and immediately, ensuring all guests have sufficient light, as well as those who are uninvited can be detected by security.

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ABB i-bus® KNX

Energy efficiency

More power with less energy. Thanks to the KNX technology, up to a 30% energy saving potential can be achieved in buildings with the right control of elements. Controlling a room’s temperature consumes the largest share of energy in a building but huge energy savings can be made using ABB technology. For example, when a guest checks out, the room can automatically be set to stand-by operation. A presence detector is used to manage and control the proper operation of the room in terms of high efficient energy saving mode.

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HVAC solution ClimaECO