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Linear drain

Unidrain's linear floor drain can be positioned by the wall or as a free-standing solution. Whichever solution you choose, the floor drain is fitted with Unidrain’s patented flanges, to make it 100% waterproof.


ClassicLine is the original design series from Unidrain and consists of a frame and a grating. The frame is mandatory, as it holds the grating in place. Six different designs in brushed stainless steel make it a solution for every taste. Our ClassicLine drain designs has now also been developed for corner and square drains.

HighLine and custom solution

HighLine is Unidrains exclusive and prize-winning design series. Here the grating is replaced with a panel. The series includes panels in both steel and frosted glass, along with the discreet Custom solution. Here a trimmed floor tile creates an almost ‘invisible’ drain.


MatLine is an intelligent mat system for anyone looking for the optimum form and function. MatLine can be placed in the utility room or entrance hall and is connected to the existing pipe system, so excess mud and water are automatically drained away.


The GlassLine shower screens, with integrated floor drain, are mounted without any visible screws or fittings. To complete the shower cabinet, the range also includes a shower base, shower door and top bar.

Unidrain’s shower screens are fitted into the specially designed ShowerLine drain fitting and a steel profile on the wall. The floor drain is designed to provide an automatic built-in fall of 2%.

reframe collection

Reframe Collection by Unidrain is an exclusive and unique series of bathroom accessories grounded in Scandinavian design and quality.

Each product is designed with innovative, unique and intelligent features to improve functionality. Reframe Collection is reframing the existing, bringing new functionality into bathroom accessories. Five different colour options give you the possibility of matching all metal details, conveying a subtle feeling of luxury.

The collection consists of a soap shelf with an integrated, magnetic shower wiper, a toilet brush (a wall mounted and floor standing), towel bar, towel hooks, toilet paper holder and spare toilet paper holder. The collection comes in brushed or polished stainless steel and brushed copper, brass and black, so you can match all metal details in the bathroom. Furthermore, the design is consistent with the original, rectangular Unidrain universe.

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