Striking Concepts: The Architectural Projects Unveiled this Month

Bold and brilliant design concepts are being unveiled on a near-daily basis, with some going on to become key additions to the world’s skylines. Here we look at some of the most notable to be released over the last month

Øm Museum

Ry, Denmark

Architects: Galmstrup

Designed to house artefacts form a former monastic community on the same site, the Øm Museum is intended to maintain a strong connection between the monastic ruins and archaeological finds. The design features geometries reminiscent of medieval church design, with a repeating motif of a semi-arch that enhances sightlines for visitors. “Our outset is the significance of maintaining the ruin and collection together on the actual heritage site while respecting the natural values of the place. The museum is therefore envisioned as a series of buildings telling the story of the monks’ daily life and interventions while offering experiences in nature,” said the architects.

Image courtesy of Galmstrup

Smíchov public school

Prague, Czech Republic

Architects: Office Ou / INOSTUDIO

A design for the first new public school in Prague’s urban centre for almost a century, it is part of a wider project to turn a former railway yard into a mixed-use community space. The school is designed to house 540 students, and features a slew of balconies and outdoor garden areas, making green spaces a core part of the school environment. The design also features flexible details to allow the space to be shaped to fit the changing needs of the children. “Rather than imposing a predetermined and finalised appearance on the building, the appearance of the school will transform through the decisions made by the students and teachers,” explained Office Ou.

Image courtesy of Office Ou

Student Castle

Manchester, UK

Architects: Glenn Howells Architects

Created in partnership with housing developer Student Castle, this 55-story red brick tower is designed to provide housing for students across 850 rooms. The structure also features a co-working space for start-up businesses. Its unusual appearance is intended to reference the red brick chimneys found in the city’s industrial heyday. “The building presents a significant windfall opportunity to redevelop a portion of an existing multi-storey car park adjacent to Manchester Oxford Road station into a fully managed purpose-built student residence,” said Edward Cade, founder of Student Castle.

Image courtesy of Glenn Howells Architects

The Springs

Shanghai, China

Architects: Henning Larsen

Intended to house creative workspaces in an urban oasis amidst one of the biggest cities in China, Henning Larsen’s design for The Springs is inspired by a traditional Chinese landscape painting form known as shan shui. Featuring stepped terraced towers encircling a green public square, it is designed to evoke China’s rural mountain landscapes. “We wanted to create a protected environment in this city centre that contributes to the potential for this development to become a new focus that generates and attracts public life in uptown Shanghai,” said Claude Bøjer Godefroy, design director and partner at Henning Larsen.

Image courtesy of Henning Larsen

KentPlus YALOVA Wellness Spa Resort

Armutlu, Turkey

Architects: Project Design Group

Project Design Group’s spa project is designed to allow guests to reconnect with nature through a complex scheme that is intended “spread and melt” into the landscape. Featuring 163 blocks with 1001 apartments, the scheme includes 14 different design types, with traditionally inspired hayat houses contrasting terraced and hipped roofs. The project also includes extensive landscaping, including freshwater lakes, gardens and trees.

Image courtesy of Project Design Group