Unidrain – The perfect fusion of design and functionality

Unidrains unique floor drain, the linear drain, has become the building industry's favorite in just a few years. Today there are more than 750,000 Unidrain installations around the world, and Unidrain has moved from being a manufacturer of floor drain to a design icon within the modern bathroom. 

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Designed by architects for architects

The well-known line drain for placement against the wall was developed in 2003 by Danish architect Claus Dyre. The idea came to him, because he did not like to have to cut the large beautiful tiles into small pieces to be able to fit the traditional square drain.

The thought soon lead to the world's first drainage system, designed and approved for mounting against the wall. It was a revolutionary product, which did not only have a strong and beautiful design, but also a consistent, technical solution improving the entire construction.

Unidrain’s products can be used in all types of project: both renovation and new builds, and in private and public-sector projects. All Unidrain products have been developed by Danish architects in close collaboration with experts in wet room technology, both locally and internationally.

The original line drain - Combining function and design

Over time Unidrain has grown and so has the product range. There have been added more lengths, colors, shapes and generally more possibilities within our products. Two different design lines add the possibility of giving the bathroom a specific look.

ClassicLine is the original design series from Unidrain and consists of a frame and a grating. The frame is mandatory, as it holds the grating in place. Six different designs in brushed stainless steel make it a solution for every taste.

HighLine is Unidrains exclusive and prize-winning design series. Here the grating is replaced with a panel. The series includes panels in both brushed and hand polished steel, as well as the coulours brass, copper and black. Furthermore, it is possible to choose the discreet Custom solution. Here a trimmed floor tile is stuck on flush with the surrounding floor, to create an almost ‘invisible’ drain. HighLine is the series for people who want a little extra luxury.

In addition, we have added several product categories including our GlassLine, MatLine and our latest addition to the Unidrain product range: Reframe Collection by Unidrain.

Reframing the existing

The new Reframe Collection by Unidrain is an exclusive and unique series of bathroom accessories grounded in Scandinavian design and quality. Each product is designed with innovative, unique and intelligent features to improve functionality. The Reframe Collection is reframing the existing, bringing new functionality into bathroom accessories. The collection consists of 6 different products: a soap shelf and shower wiper, a floor standing and a wall hanging toilet brush, a toilet paper holder and a reserve toilet paper holder, towel hooks and a towel bar.

The soap shelf and shower wiper is the hero product of the collection. Besides creating a place for the shower essentials, the shelf also provides a fixed home for the shower wiper. Hidden magnets in the wall mount and shower wiper ensure a secure and discrete placement, keeping the wiper easy to access.

The key magnetic feature solves the issue of placing the shower wiper. Instead of placing it on the floor or buying a separate solution. The shelf is produced in a reinforced steel plate with grooves to lead away excess water. Around the edges of the shelf a thin line is laser cut, to keep the shower essentials from slipping, when the shelf is wet.

The wiper consists of a reinforced steel frame which carries a single piece of high quality silicone. This construction ensures that the applied pressure is distributed evenly and leaves an effective and even cleaning of the entire surface. The silicone bumpers on all sides protect the bathroom tiles and other surfaces.

International Awards

Unidrain’s floor drains have won internationally renowned design prizes, including the ‘iF product design award’ and the ‘Danish Design Prize’ for the HighLine series. In 2015 Claus Dyre received the ‘Villum Foundation Building Component Prize’ for his invention of the linear floor drain.

The soap shelf and wiper from the new Reframe Collection has also been awarded the IF design award and Good design award.

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