Breaking Ground: Key Projects

We look at some of the notable projects across the world to break ground in the past few months

Tech to improve Earthquake Resistance

With earthquakes on the rise, the need for innovation in quake-resistant buildings is greater than ever

Dubai Expo 2020: Forging new design paths

With the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”, Dubai Expo 2020 is set to be a showcase of innovation

MX3D: The Bridge that Robots Built

3D printing has been proposed as a future construction tool for several years, but now it’s becoming a reality

Making Modular Modern

astudio is on a mission to solve the UK’s housing crisis with its cost-saving, modern approach to modular builds

Rising star: John Danielsen Aarhus

Aarhus on his traditional-looking rural cabins and views on the rapidly developing Norwegian capital

White City: The Story of Bauhaus in Tel Aviv

In the first of a season of articles celebrating 100 years of Bauhaus, we look at Tel Aviv’s White City

Building on Tel Aviv’s Bauhaus Legacy

Penda's design for the Tel Aviv Arcades will take the style into the modern era when it begins construction in 2019

DBR Hotels: Smart Technologies

Smart home technology is gaining an increasing presence in our homes, with varying levels of design

DBR Hotels: the Instagram Aesthetic

With the rise of Instagram, hotels are increasingly having to create striking and unique interior designs

DBR Hotels: Tropical Modernism

ANARCHITECT has teamed up with Harding Boutique Hotel to bring award-winning design to Ahangama, Sri Lanka

DBR Hotels: Guestroom management systems

The right guestroom environment is vital to good hotel design, and management systems can play a key role

Interior Transformation

The reinvigoration of existing housing is a common but often challenging prospect

Striking concepts

Some of the most notable architectural projects to be released in recent months

Key trends for retail design in 2019

As ever more shoppers move online, striking retail design is more important than ever, and trends abound

The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

Here we pick some of our favourite materials, fixtures and fittings to be announced in recent months