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SEFAR® Architecture

VISION PR 260/55 Red

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about SEFAR® Architecture VISION

SEFAR®Architecture VISION is a range of high-precision fabrics, made from synthetic black monofilament yarn with thread diameters of 140 or 260 µm, metal-coated, at least on one side and optionally printed. 

The so called one-way-vision effect is obviously the main aspect of the product. It provides an exceptional range of design possibilities on the outer face of the glass pane, on the basis of a unique, exciting and lively 3-D appearance - and still with a clear view from the inside to the outside. 

Inside to outside view:
There is no show-through of the color on the outside to the inside

SEFAR® Architecture

VISION PR 260/55 Red on the outside

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Application of SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabric

VISION fabric is part of a glass laminate covered in-between two panes of glass and two interlayer foils*, fully embedded and protected towards environmental influences. Applicable for flat, as well as for curved glass.

* Recommended interlayer foil: SentryGlas® from Kuraray

Production of SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabric at Sefar

Sefar owns the quality driven product responsibility from production of the yarn to the finished product provided to one of our certified global glass processing partners. VISION fabric is tested in accordance to international standards for laminated - and laminated safety glass.

Production at Sefar

Glass processor

The VISION product range: Anything but a standard range

The basis of the product range are four different mesh types, Aluminum coated on one face and optionally printed in Copper or Gold. 

SEFAR® Architecture VISION fabric | Product range

Fabric types






Aluminium (AL, standard)

Chrome (CR)

Titanium (TI)

Standard colors

Gold (GDST)

Copper (CPST)

Product labeling

PR AL 260/30 B

Both sides coated

Open area (%)

Thread diameter (µm)

Metal coating (AL = Aluminium)


AL 140/25

AL 140/50

AL 260/30

AL 260/55

PR 140/25 CPST

PR 140/50 CPST

PR 260/30 CPST

PR 260/55 CPST

PR 140/25 CPST

PR 140/50 CPST

PR 260/30 CPST

PR 260/55 CPST

  • Sefar provides color cards with defined color ideas
  • Any RAL or Pantone® color possible
  • 15 years warranty against color fading

Any RAL or Pantone®color possible

In addition to the one side coating and printing, both sides can be coated and printed (e.g. for glass-fins or -louver, glass  partition walls), even with different colors or designs, without any show-through on the reverse side.

By means of digital printing, the coated fabric sides can further be individualized with individual designs or any individual color. 

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SEFAR® Architecture VISION functionality and benefits

Energy transmission in laminated glass in combination with VISION fabric 

The fabric's open area determines the degree of energy transmission and transparency. In addition, the metal coating and color is also instrumental for the reduction of energy transmission.

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World Trade Center 3 Lobby

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  • Reduction of SHGC/g-value
  • Providing Shading
  • Glare protection
  • Bird strike protection
  • One-way-vision effect
  • Privacy
  • Lively 3-D appearance
  • Design, creativity & function
  • Active safety due to laminated glass
  • Patented product

Exterior and interior applications 

  • Facade
  • Glass canopies
  • Glass skylights
  • Glass fins
  • Glass louvers
  • Balustrades
  • Privacy sections
  • Wall panels and gladdings
  • Glass partition walls

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