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New innovative solutions in wooden building components have allowed wood to enter into new construction end-uses traditionally dominated by concrete and steel. Massive wood elements open the way for taller wooden high-rise buildings than ever before.

The EzyProfile system is a new re-usable tool to replace the traditional profile system on the building site. No need for timber, screws, nails or star stakes any more. The EzyProfile system is a light-weight, profile system made of aluminum, heavy duty plastics and fiberglass. It is extremely easy to use with a number of sliders and screw fasteners to position everything where you need it.

The EzyProfile can be used on all types of job sites whether they are flat, sloping, excavated faces, vertical or horizontal walls. You can even drill them into rock or concrete!

Designed by a builder for builders, concretors, surveyors, civil engineers and contractors, plumbers (for slab set outs) and many more with a wide range of applications on the job site.

The EzyProfile has been refined to be the streamlined tool it is today through use in the field for over a decade. The EzyProfile weighs in under 23kg which includes 16 stakes, 8 profile rails, 2 tripod centre markers and much more in one easy to carry bag. In the bag there is everything you will need to mark out four points on the job site and move easily from site to site.

There is more information at with uses in different site layouts as well as an online shop where the EzyProfile System is available for purchase as well as a wide array of spare parts.

EzyProfile ships Australia wide!

We all know how tough it can be on the building site to juggle financial and time demands with the quality of work expected from clients. Fortunately, the innovative Ezy Profile system is now available and will give you a huge head-start on any project, providing you with everything you need to profile your building site in a fraction of the time it took before. With a complete set of durable, high-quality equipment that will last a lifetime, the Ezy Profile really is the builder’s best friend.

The task of building profiles can be a big hassle, especially with all the tools and materials required, and usually you’ll need a couple of mates to help you out. With the Ezy Profile system, building a solid profile is now a simple one-man job, with all of the necessary equipment fitting comfortably into a single bag. Weighing in at just 23 kg, the Ezy Profile can easily be moved from site to site, and the unique design of the equipment will make it much easier to maintain an organised and tidy worksite. The standard kit includes:

●  16 Stakes (1000mm)

●  8 Profile Rails

●  16 Safety Caps

●  16 Profile Rail Slide Markers

●  2 Tripod Centre Locators

●  1 Level/Staff Holder

●  1 Laser Platform

●  1 String Line Roll Holder

●  1 Marking Paint Holder

●  1 Stake Dolly

●  1 Mallet

●  1 Instructional CD (including videos)

Ezy Profile equipment is made from high-quality fibreglass, aluminium and heavy-duty plastics to ensure it will last for years to come, saving you plenty of money in the long run. This is a fully adjustable system that can be applied to any surface and any angle, with the use of sliders and screw fasteners ensuring greater precision and accuracy than ever before. The Ezy Profile even includes several handy accessories to hold your other tools while you work, so you won’t have to worry about losing or damaging any of your gear while you work.

Save time on surveying with the Ezy Profile system

Building a good profile is a key part of any project, but with all the lumber, stakes and screws required it can be a real nuisance for the team and a nightmare for surveyors, as measurements can often be inaccurate and require a few goes to get right. Fortunately, the Ezy Profile System is set to change that, with its combination of innovative design and durable, high-quality materials ensuring surveyors will get their measurements right the first time, every time.

The simplicity of the Ezy Profile system means you’ll only need one person to operate it, as they’ll need to ensure the structures are erected in the right place. As the surveyor, once you’ve set up the theodolite, all you need to do is find the reference points and mark them on the bright yellow rails provided. The Ezy Profile utilises a unique system of sliders and fasteners, which can be used to position the surveyor’s mark in the alignment slot and lock in place. This will ensure more accurate measurements and precise string lines, meaning you’ll waste less time later on making adjustments.

Another advantage of the Ezy Profile system is its versatility; with its intuitive design and fully-adjustable setup, it can be used on any surface or at any angle, and can even be drilled into rock or concrete. Whether your job site is flat, sloped, excavated or walled, the Ezy Profile can easily be adjusted to produce accurate measurements in just a fraction of the time it would take using other materials.

The Ezy Profile system is built to last, which means you’ll never again have to worry about stocking up on heavy materials like lumber and star stakes, and with the standard setup weighing just 23 kg and fitting comfortably in the Ezy Profile bag, it can easily be transported from site to site and comes equipped with several handy holders that will ensure a neat and organised workspace, as well as minimising the risk of misplacing or mixing you and your work-mates’ tools.

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With competition in the construction industry growing all the time, the Ezy Profile system will provide you with the competitive advantage required to get your work done quicker, more accurately and more cost-effectively. Developed by builder, for builder, the Ezy Profile is set to revolutionise the build site and can be ordered online at with delivery available Australia-wide.


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