Waves of inspiration

Hanex® Solid Surfaces from Hanwha L&C can bring peace to any setting.

A selection of HANEX®’s Stratum surfaces, 
available from Hanwha L&C.   

Adding a powerful yet soothing charisma to any setting, the new Stratum collection of surfaces from HANEX® offers unlimited design possibilities. The quiet lines and patterns of Stratum and the luxury of the Bellassimo edition encapsulate the sensitivity of calmness. The designs are inspired by natural marble, producing an elegant effect that mirrors the high quality of HANEX® products. With the flexible advantages of HANEX®, the unique new collections offer new ways for interior designers and architects to realise creativity. But any creative design also needs creative architects to discover the secret possibilities of Stratum and Bellassimo series.

Classical applications for the surfaces, like sanitary countertops, kitchen worktops and wall claddings, can become havens of peace with the use of HANEX®, but the possibilities don’t end there: the surfaces can also be used in interior design, accessories, room pointing or filling and other creative elements.

Dynamic global manufacturer 

Located in the heart of Korea, Hanwha L&C is one of the world’s leading high-tech global manufacturers of acrylic-based solid surfaces. Innovation is one of HANEX®’s leading motivations, 
as its dynamic staff members are constantly looking to the future. HANEX® aims to offer high-quality, creative designs, following natural inspiration, and always considers the environment. Its goal is to beautify and fascinate life for all.

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