Exclusively Made in Italy!

100% internal manufacturing based on your drawings.


Extravega is specialized in engineering, manufacturing and installation of exclusively custom-made architectural project such as Commercial Store Fronts, Curtain Walls, Window Walls, Architectural Metals, high-end interior in Metal, Glass and Wood and it also feature stairs.  

The Company was founded in 1985, anf after over thirty years of activity and dynamic presence, it operates internationally in the architecture and design sectors with headquarters in New York, Milan, London and Sydney.

Architectural Fabrications

 The Company’s eclectict nature lad it to develop countless projects in collaboration with world-renowned architects and interior designers.  

Extravega supplies architectural fabrications, interior design, artworks and exhibition spaces offering a turnkey service for the most complex projects. Made in Italy and installed worldwide.  

Materials & Innovations

The continuous research for new technologies allowed Extravega to enrich the processing of solid metals with other materials such as wood, glass, and liquid metal which means also to offer its customers the maximum customization in architectural and design projects.  

Production departments equipped with advanced machineries capable to perform the most different processing in order to satisfy every uniqueness wish of the customer. 

An internal technical Department composed by architects, engineers, and senior designers, equipped with very modern three-dimensional CAD-CAM systems, is dealing with quotation requests, materials research, planning, shop drawings, engineering, construction site inspection, project control, ensuring the accuracy of the final result in accordance with the schedule, budget and customer’s needs.


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Extra Vega Srl
Via Pietro Nenni 9
20037 Paderno Dugnano
Milan | Italy

2 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington
London W2 6LG | UK

United States
Extra Vega New York LLC
39 West 38th Street, Suite 6E
NY 10018
New York | USA

Extra Vega Sydney Pty Ltd
74 Pitt Street, Suite 601
NSW 2000
Sydney | Australia


phone: +39 02 990 43444
phone uk: +44 2032 868564
mail: info@extravega.com

United States
phone: +1 347 706 1823
mail: info@extravega.com

phone: +61 280 055 855
mail: info@extravega-sydney.com