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The creation of Vals Stone 

At the beginning, there was chaos. There were no living creatures and nothing pleasant on earth. Therefore, God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. On the second day, he separated light from darkness and named the light “day” and the darkness “night”. On the third day, he crated the oceans and plants – followed by animals and the air. However, he realized that something was missing. So on the fifth day, he created humankind as the culmination of creation (or so he thought). Yet there were the people of Vals, who complained, “For God’s sake, do not forget about us! Living in such a remote and harsh valley, we would like to have something special and unique as well. Something similar to paradise with its angels and wonderful fruit, or similar to Italy with its incredible formations of marble.”

Therefore, the great creator mobilized the heavenly powers yet again to take counsel with the angelic hosts. Subsequently, a giant mountain rose to the heavens in the valley of Vals and great blocks of stone tumbled into the valley. This is how God gave Vals Stone to the people of Vals, who then made sacrifices, thanked God and have been taking care of the rock ever since. They have been using the stone for churches, chapels and the roofs of their houses. Since the blocks are of such elegance and the stone is incomparably beautiful, architects and clients have been inspired to create similar shapes. This is how bedrock-like buildings such as the Rocksresort in Laax were erected – metamorphoses of the world’s creation. At the same time, the skillful people of Vals learned how to hone and polish the stone. Today Vals Stone can be found on the nicest projects around the globe: on Parliament Square in Bern, on “Sechseläuten” Plaza in Zurich, on Champs-Élysées Avenue in Paris, on Fifth Avenue in New York City and inside the most beautiful villas imaginable.

However, this is all not that important. What really counts is the joy of the people of Vals over the gift from heaven – Vals Stone. This joy has persisted until today.

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We are mountain people and thus not quite sociable. However, we will not forget established business relations so quickly.

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