Specifying for Wellbeing: Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

The coronavirus pandemic has placed a renewed focus on health and wellbeing, which is accelerating architectural trends around the issue. Here we showcase our pick of materials, fixtures and fittings that maximise health and wellbeing

Naava Healthtech Green Wall

Providing improved indoor air quality and humidity optimisation while reducing the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), living walls have become an increasingly popular way to provide health benefits to indoor spaces. However, they can be costly and disruptive to install, which makes the Naava Healthtech Green Wall a compelling choice Available as a wall-mounted option as well as a room-dividing privacy screen, the wall offers sound-absorbing benefits as well as adding aesthetic appeal to offices and homes.


The creation of Australian designer Zahava Elenberg, Clikclax is a physical distancing system that enables sites to be easily fitted with barriers to prevent the spread of the virus without compromising on aesthetics. Consisting of a selection of Perspex panels in a wide variety of sizes and colours, the system is designed to slot together to form any configuration required. “Clikclax is a colourful, fun design-based answer to the deeply unimaginative sneeze-guards that have become ubiquitous since the arrival of Covid-19,” said Zahava. “Not only has Clikclax been designed to enhance the look of a space, it’s also super fun to put together and infinitely customisable.”

Esprit Glass Air Quality Sensor

Part of the Esprit range of switches from Gira, this provides CO2 sensing capabilities as part of the company’s connected building products. Designed to combat the build-up of CO2 that is unfortunately commonplace in high-traffic, well-insulated buildings, the sensor includes temperature and humidity controller capabilities, as well as the ability to measure the concentration of carbon dioxide from 0 to 2,000 ppm. Available in a range of finishes, the sensor can be installed as part of a network of intelligent room-monitoring devices from the company.

Abso Acoustic Cubes

Part of a range of novel acoustic solutions from Texaa, Abso acoustic cubes provide health improvements by dampening sound, and are designed to be used in a host of configurations, including suspended from vaulted ceilings or stacked as part of unorthodox but appealing partitions within a space. They also have very low emissions of VOCs and formaldehyde, which is not the case for some acoustic solutions on the market. Furthermore, they are a good choice for sustainability-minded projects, as they meet the requirements of LEED and BREEAM.

Plexwood Flexible Panel

The benefits of using natural materials such as wood in schemes are well-established, with studies showing benefits for mental health and wellbeing. And while there are many options to use wood in building projects, Plexwood’s flexible veneer panels are an appealing choice as they can be applied to curved forms, including furniture, doors and walls. Offering more stability than MDF, Plexwood is available in four forms and a range of finishes, with the top layer of the product surrounding a plywood core. A variant with wool felt also provides additional acoustic benefits, and the company also offers non-flexible versions.