Breaking Ground: The Architectural Projects Beginning Construction

While construction has stalled, or at least severely stuttered, in many parts of the world, some builds are beginning. Here we look at some of the most notable projects to begin construction in the last few months

CMG Qianhai Global Trade Center

Shenzhen, China

Architects: OMA

Construction began on the CMG Qianhai Global Trade Center in May, with the groundbreaking occurring as part of the inauguration ceremony for Qianhai Significant Projects in China. And the project itself is certainly ambitious, taking the form of a 360,000 square-metre mixed used development that will serve as a micro-city within the wider metropolis. OMA partner Chris van Duijn described the project as “a tower, a cluster, a neighborhood and a city” that takes the form of “a collection of slender volumes, cascading down from the center and forming two main towers”. It is also highly transit-focused, sitting on the intersection of three metro lines, two main roads and a bus terminal. It is scheduled for completion in 2024.

Image courtesy of Luxigon

Dubai CommerCity

Dubai, UAE

Architects: P&T Architects and Engineers

May saw Dubai CommerCity begin construction, marking the start of a 530,000 square-metre development that will serve as a major hub for e-commerce in the region. Divided into three main clusters, it will provide a home for businesses, logistics and social spaces, providing a free zone for the burgeoning e-commerce industry to locate its regional headquarters. While the business cluster will house indoor and outdoor spaces across 12 buildings for networking and interactions, the logistics cluster features 108 units, each with rooftop solar panels. Meanwhile, the social cluster will house restaurants, galleries and cafes. The project also includes rainwater reuse, environmentally friendly building materials and recycled resources in order to maximise its environmental credentials.

Image courtesy of P&T Architects and Engineers

Quzhou Sports Campus

Zhejiang, China

Architects: MAD Architects

The futuristic Quzhou Sports Campus began construction in April, and will be the world’s largest earth shelter building complex upon its completion. Designed to provide a tranquil but deeply sci-fi open space for the surrounding city, the 570,000m2 park includes a 30,000-seat stadium, a 10,000-seat gymnasium, an Olympic swimming pool and a host of training grounds and athlete facilities. It will also house a space for children and a science and technology museum, as well as serving as a mountainous park for visitors. The undulating hills hide the majority of the buildings, connected by winding trails and a variety of vistas at different aspects. Phase one of the project is set to be completed in 2021.

Image courtesy of MAD Architects