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Top Virtual Events on Architecture This Summer

The coronavirus may have led to the cancellation of many architecture industry events, but a swathe of online events have popped up to take their place. Here we highlight some of the must-attend virtual events on architecture taking place this summer

13 - 14


Computational Design: Next 1.0

Conceived as an online conference, Computational Design: Next focuses on the current and next generations of computational design, brining together live tutorials, mentorship, discussions, dialogues and tutorials across four different tracks. Key topics include parametric architecture, computational workflows and future developments.

15- 19


ACSA108 Virtual Conference

Brining together educators and students in the architecture and design space, the ACSA108 virtual conference takes over from the annual meeting, which was set to be held in San Diego, the US. Including the presentation of research papers, projects and keynote addresses, the conference will cover topics including digital technology, building science, ecology and health.

15 - 25


San Francisco Design Week

Branded as “an experiment” by its organisers, SF Design Week will be fully virtual for the first time, with some events making use of virtual or augmented reality to bring a spatial element to the experience. Covering virtual experiences, digital programming and livestreamed studio crawls, the event is themed around the topic of “intentional distortions”.

27 June

3 July

DigitalFutures World: Architects Unite

Comprising of a week-long series of free online workshops and talks streamed around the clock, DigitalFutures World is modelled on the LiveAid format. Bringing architects from around the world together to tackle the uncertain future we face, it focuses on both the challenges ahead and the potential benefits of digital technologies at our disposal.

4 - 11


Gdynia Design Days

Previously set to be held in Gdynia, Poland, Gdynia Design Days is now a fully digital event themed around the topic Attention. The event is focusing on how design can solve the complex problems facing the world, including climate change and of course the current pandemic, through a “creative platform for the exchange of thought”.