How the Coronavirus is Affecting Architecture

The coronavirus has hit architects hard, but what lies ahead? Here's how architects can shield themselves 

Designing for Social Distancing

With strict social distancing measures in place, architects are developing innovative new approaches to spaces

Breaking Ground: Beginning Construction

While construction has stalled in many parts of the world, some builds are beginning

Remembering the Architects Lost to Covid-19

Here we remember some of the architects who are known to have passed away after contracting the coronavirus

Pandemics and Healthcare Design

The coronavirus has had a significant effect on healthcare, but how could it impact long-term hospital design?

Designs to Help the Fight Against Covid-19

As the world battled the coronavirus, creative industries turned their attention to supporting to fight

Accelerating Architecture’s Digital Revolution

Architecture’s digital revolution is well underway, and yet, still far from complete

Helping Construction Back to Work

Can wearable technology help with the challenge of reopening sites while maintaining social distancing?

Cyber Resilience and Building Access Controls

Connected building access systems have introduced a range of features, but cybersecurity is a key concern

Lessons from the Zaha Hadid Ransomware Attack

In April, Zaha Hadid Architects was held to ransom by hackers in a cyberattack

Mental Health: Supporting Wellbeing

The lockdown and impending recession are causing considerable stress for architects

Striking Concepts: Projects Unveiled This Month

Even during a pandemic, the constant flow of new building designs and concepts doesn’t stop

Fixtures for Social Distancing Retrofits

Some of the materials, fixtures and fittings that can be used to support social distancing retrofits