Distant by Design: Fixtures and Fittings for Social Distancing Retrofits

From restaurants to offices, many commercial buildings are currently facing an overhaul in order to support post-lockdown social distancing. Here we look at some of the materials, fixtures and fittings that can be used to support social distancing retrofits

Cubes Smart Walls

Developed by Incube, Cubes are modular partition walls integrated with internet of things (IoT) technology that connects to a central control system. This means that not only can they be rapidly reconfigured to support changing layouts and staff sizes, but they can also be equipped with space utilisation cameras to determine if staff are maintaining a space distance, and whether certain areas are being under or over-used. The walls feature add-on fascias that enable them to be fitted with whiteboards, TV mounts, shelving or storage as required, and they can also be fitted with environmental air sensors and voice control.

Koncept Glazed Partitioning

For many workplaces, glass partitioning is becoming the go-to option to support social distancing without reducing staff density, but for architects and designers, these can provide aesthetic limitations. Komfort, however, has decided to “elevate” glazed partitioning with its Koncept range, which includes a wide variety of options that provide both aesthetic and functional benefits. These include glass with built-in LEDs; magnetic and whiteboard panels and opacity switching, as well as stained glass panels; digital printed and etched glass and curved glazing.

Mobile Reader Pro

One of a range of access control products from US-based Proxy, the Mobile Reader Pro is designed to provide hands-free access to any door through a mobile or existing keycards or fobs. This means it can be installed in existing workplaces as a way to stop doors, turnstiles and elevators becoming virus transmission points. It uses proximity sensor technology to detect a user’s phone as they approach and automatically unlock to door in question, removing the need to physically tap the sensor panel. Proxy also has support for biometric technologies such as facial recognition for high-security sites.

Krion Solid Surface

A solid surface from Pocelanosa Group, Krion is designed to have a similar feel and appearance to natural stone, but is entirely poreless and antibacterial. This makes it well-suited to bathrooms and healthcare settings, but also high-traffic environments where the risk of transmitting diseases via surfaces is increased. Available in a wide range of colours, Krion is also very hard wearing, easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. It is available in solid sheets, as well as pre-formed into washbasins, sinks, bathtubs and shower trays.

DanWall Protective Partitions

Developed by light architecture solutions specialist Danpal, DanWall is a floor-based partition that can be easily deployed in restaurants, bars, shops and other public spaces in order to support social distancing practices without needing to make long-term changes to an interior’s design or layout. DanWall partitions are available in a number of sizes, as well as a range of transparencies to suit different applications. Danpal has also developed Dandesk, a desk-based partition for offices, schools, receptions and other public spaces.