As Switzerland's leading mailbox manufacturer and successful developer of custom-made roof windows, we strongly focus on dynamic innovation housed withing a traditional family business, looking back of over 6 decades of manufacturing experience. Where others reach their limits, we develop custom-made product and bespoke solutions geared to accommodate any of our customers’ requirements. Our roof window solutions and parcel boxes can be found across a wide variety of buildings across the globe - from single-family homes and large-scale building sites to stadiums as well as historically protected buildings and monuments. Our extensive manufacturing expertise and the use of state-of-the-art technical possibilities make us a proven partner - worldwide.

Roof window solutions from s: stebler

Thanks to their unobtrusive aesthetics, our custom-made roof windows are suitable for buildings of any style and any historical era, making them blend in discreetly with historically protected buildings and monuments. Design and technology are uniquely combined within our roof window projects and enable you to carry out bespoke project requirements. With the roof exit solution, we open up new spaces, enabling breathtakingly unique views setting new standards in terms of aesthetics, technology and design.


s: yourbox

With our innovative solutions in the field of depot boxes, we are breaking new ground - taking the worldwide boom in online business as an incentive to help contribute to your success in project implementations. We have once again thought «out of the box». The s: yourbox has a modular design and enables every imaginable application - from the specific individual box to entire collection system. From e-mobility solutions, to intelligent parcel boxes; from heated or cooled compartment solutions, to medication dispensing solutions; from security lockers to dry cleaning solutions - precisely tailored to your needs, we meet the most sophisticated wishes and requirements.