A Wall to Break Down Barriers

The Lebanese Pavilion for this year’s Abwab, the curated platform at Dubai Design Week, WAL(L)TZ is a wall with a difference. We find out more about the socio-political message of the interactive installation

Designed by multidisciplinary architecture and design studio T SAKHI Architects, WAL(L)TZ addresses the socio-political climate in Lebanon, challenging both the physical and social walls that divide the nation.

Taking the form of a 15m linear wall, the pavilion is designed the overcome the idea of a wall as a barrier, instead transforming it to a space of interaction and connection.

Made from recycled foam, it is filled with details that are designed to promote interactions and “happenings”, from cracks to gaps and spaces.

“WAL(L)TZ represents the act of resilience in overcoming any obstacle and transforming it for constructive change,” said architects Tessa and Tara Sakhi.

“We see the project as a platform for bodies to reconnect and interact with each other – finally reuniting them.”

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Images courtesy of Tessa Sakhi | T SAKHI Architects