Striking Concepts: The Architectural Projects Unveiled This Month

Architects are always unveiling new concepts, the best of which pose fresh ideas and challenge the architectural norms. Here we look at some our recent favourites

Smart Forest City

Cancun, Mexico

Architects: Stefano Boeri Architetti

Focusing on innovation and environmental quality, this vast plan for a new city in Mexico is designed to be entirely self-sufficient in food and energy. Set to host up to 130,000 inhabitants, it will support 7.5 million plants across 400 species, including 260,000 trees. Over 70% of the 557 hectare site will be green spaces, absorbing 5,800 tonnes of CO2 per year.

Image courtesy of The Big Picture


Esbjerg, Denmark

Architects: WERK + Snøhetta

Set to be located in Esbjerg harbour, Lanternen, or The Lantern, will serve as a new maritime centre for the city. Completed in wood and designed to connect the city and the sea, it celebrates the traditions of fishermen and boats, and was selected in an international competition that saw the judges praise its functionality and form.

Image courtesy of MIR

Dubai International Academic City

Dubai, UAE

Architects: OMA / Iyad Alsaka

Set to form the world’s largest free zone dedicated to higher education on a site in the heart of Dubai International Academic City, this project spans 155 hectares. It will host student and staff accommodation, alongside office, retail and hospitality spaces, as well as research and development facilities and centres of excellence.

Image courtesy of OMA

PiLsudski Square

Warsaw, Poland

Architects: FAAB Architektura

Reimagining the existing square, this project is designed to bring together humanities, arts and sciences with nature, pairing bold, modern structures with natural elements. Designed to commemorate Polish independence, it will include a vast green roof to improve air quality in the surrounding area and help combat climate change-related issues.

Image courtesy of FAAB Architektura

Red Sea Airport

Red Sea, Saudi Arabia

Architects: Foster + Partners

Serving as a gateway to the Red Sea, the Red Sea airport is designed to host one million visitors by 2030. Filled with visual references to the desert dunes and powered by renewables, it is intended to provide an intimate, luxury feel to all travellers. It will also include an internal green oasis planted with indigenous flora.

Image courtesy of Foster + Partners