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Boundless views

Frameless windows open up fascinating design possibilities. The room-high sliding windows from swissFineLine define the premium class of filigree glazing.

swissFineLine creates unique room concepts with boundless views with large window fronts. Almost frameless glass elements, which extend from floor to ceiling, allow the interior to merge with the exterior and enable a natural living experience.

Thanks to threshold-free transitions in combination with automatic sliding door operation, maximum comfort is guaranteed. Accessibility from the inside to the outside allows maximum mobility and freedom of movement.


In addition, various components such as shading solutions, insect screens and privacy screens create an incomparable overall solution.

The premium window for demanding construction projects and stands for the highest quality in design and technology.

The future-oriented system fulfills the highest requirements in terms of architectural design, safety as well as thermal and sound insulation in all respects.



The most secure window

swissFineLine ensures a high degree of personal and property security with the highest burglary protection class RC4. Your window can also withstand the most extreme attempts to break in.

Highest sound insulation

With swissFineLine you stay undisturbed. The system excels through excellent sound insulation (Rw = 46dB). So, your home becomes an oasis of peace.

Unachievable dimensions

It's all about the view. swissFineLine offers element sizes up to 20 m². In this system, the glass acts as a self-supporting structural element, which makes it possible to completely omit any framing.



Through constant further development, swissFineLine is and remains the trend-setting premium window in the highest quality standard and inspires architects and builders alike.

It was 1985 when the company started with the first numerically controlled punching and bending machines, and today, in its various factories and laboratories in northern Italy, 50 high precision machines redefine the very idea of perfection: from laser cutting in fibre optics to CNC machines for cutting and shaping glass and wood, from special equipment for glass lamination with EVA technology to 5-axis three-dimensional milling.

"In the last 10 years, the global recession changed the rules forever. We have noticed in all markets an increasingly massive use of production outsourcing to contain costs," explains Rillosi.

In Extravega, we work in a diametrically opposite way, gradually incorporating all the processes and know-how. A choice that has led us to master materials and processes, acting as total contractors in the most diverse projects - from one-off works of art to the creation of museums, to the furnishings of exclusive residences. In total we have about 120 collaborators divided into areas of expertise.”


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