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What does it mean to research and to experience for Chemolli Fire? It means team work. It means challenge. It means applying methods and knowledge to solve complex issues.


or Chemolli Fire each project has its own development because it is built on the needs of the customer. We based our company identity on the idea of a challenge: to satisfy the customer's request with the best personalized product (research), to make available the skills of the whole team (design and manufacturing experience), to get the result (product warranty) and to offer complete assistance (administrative and legal competence).

The planning includes three steps: manufacturing in Italy, testing abroad (Spain, Germany, US) and obtaining American and European certifications. The first and fundamental task is to understand the intentions of the standards regulators, including those located overseas, because the ratio of hose derives from differing US and European notions of “fire-fighting” and this point of view must be considered a priority when developing the project. The monitoring and testing phases are very delicate and stressful and our team is always present during work tests to verify every possible criticality and solve it.

Open BIM enables more informed collaboration, resulting in better quality builds. Credit (all images): Reid Brewin Architectes

Implementing interoperability

Once the technical result has been achieved, we have to produce the final report. Our project manager and the laboratory technicians compare the test results in order to obtain detailed technical documents; it is a task as complex as the previous phases and for this reason we work alongside the customer in this last phase to integrate the company's systems.

Design&Build a project in a safety and fire protecting systems is really complex: Chemolli Fire joins product and service in a unique solution. We think that to win a challenge it is necessary working in synergy at international level rigorously and with care.

Having a piece of software that uses a non-proprietary-based data exchange means the files can be easily shared.

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